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housing programs. >> reporter: nearly half of the reported debts in new york city took place here on staten island. now, forecasters say another storm is on the horizon and is expected to say east of new york in new jersey. david lee miller, fox news. >>> we continue our coverage now with fox 5s paul wagner. he joining us live from staten island. homeland security secretary janet napolitano on the ground there late today touring the devastation, we understand. >> reporter: she was, will. she held a news briefing here a while ago. after her remarks, they opened it up for questions, and i asked her immediately, madame secretary, of all the damage you have seen from hurricane sandy, what is the worse and where does staten island rank in she said staten island ranks among the worse at the. to let me show what you is going here and this is the relief center. they set up a relief center for within gone who needs to come and make anything to make their lives bet or staten island. there is bottled water, hot foods, drinks, dry goods, cereal. many things in your pantry, toilet paper, diape
. >> reporter: new york city officials encouraging folks ravaged by sandy to seek igher ground while closing down all parks, playgrounds, and beaches in anticipation of the storm. >> the fdny positioned 20 ambulances and task forces with other equipment near potential flood areas in brooklyn, queens, and on staten island. we think we're ready for anything. >> reporter: major airlines also canceling flights in and out of the region. united and american both suspending service in the new york city area today and some other airlines asking passengers headed to the northeast to reschedule their flights for a later date offering to waive the usual fee for doing so. the nor'easter intensify throughout the evening and last into thursday morning, pounding the region with a mix of high winds, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. in new york, fox news. >> you can track the storm. download it to your iphone, ipad or droid. >>> tonight with the election over, the focus returns to washington where there were promises of cooperation today and from republican and democratic leader. the nation is still moving t
. they had a secret meeting in new york city for two hours on sunday. trying to see if they could work things out. guess what? >> what happened? >> they couldn't do it. they still single. >> oh. >>> and he's what i am -- he's what i am being told. justin is now conflicted because on the one hand, he really likes selina and they have gone back and forth for a long time where they broke up and got back together and whatnot. on the other hand, there are people telling justin and his camp, dude, you're hanging out with victoria secret supermodels right now. you have opportunities that most people don't have, and he's very conflicted now on what to do. so he's now going back and forth. we putt a poll on the website. seventy% of the people on think go with the supermodels. door number two. >> you know what? isn't he 19 years old? you know, why be tied down to anyone? >> yeah. >> just be a teenager, that's what i say. >> exactly. exactly. >> i am being told to move on now, unfortunately. and let's talk about the drama for a child actor, the one on modern family. aria winters' mom now said th
slowly getting back to normal here in new york city. the subway system partially reopened today on north of 34th streets and tunnels are still flooded. to ease congestion on the streets, police are only allowing vehicles into the city that have at least three people in them. >>> air traffic, meantime s completely restored in new york and all of the major airports are open. laguardia reopened on a limited schedule. kennedy and newark liberty he reopened. as a precaution, airline officials urged customers to confirm any flight in or out of the city n. new jersey, lines to the gas pump, again, hundreds of cars deep. some people waited more than an hour to fill up. sandy left many gas stations short on fuel and out of power. now, fuel trucks are finding it difficult to get around and replenish the gas stations. in hoboken, for example, there are still some 20,000 people trapped by flood waters. he's the latest. >> reporter: this is the scene today in hoboken, new jersey. what a difference a day makes. this town was just inundated with water. we have the national guard in and, boy, they did i
york city, spend a couple days. we'll have lunch together, workout together. you get a massage and spa. it's worth the prize. pay attention and write the words down. >> we will be looking forward to it. you can catch the dr. oz show at 4:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. thank you, dr. oz. >> a maryland nursing home is facing scrutiny following the death of a patient. our fox 5 investigation uncovered a history of health and safety violations at saint thomas moore nursing home. sherry lee is here now with more. >> maryland's health department tell fox 5 it has serious concerns. state inspections have found deficiencies over the last several years. it has so many problems, the facility has been on a nationwide medicare list of nursing homes with poor quality care and it hasn't shown improvement. the state has investigated numerous complaints at the facility this year including one three months ago when a patient died. >> they failed to respond appropriately in an emergency situation and failed to provide the proper care to this patient which resulted in the subcutaneous emphysema. >> did thi
. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg is working to ensure voters won't miss their opportunity to participate in this election. >> we'll do anything we can to help the board of elections. we have to make sure that everyone can vote. it's not going to be easy, but we'll work hard on that. >> reporter: officials are taking steps to ensure voter turnout. >> the polling places that are not destroyed and don't have power, you still go to your polling place. >> we'll have trucks set up there and you'll vote old school. the paper ballot and that means it's going to take us longer to count. everyone will have an opportunity to vote. >> reporter: with the aftermath of sandy taking center stage, some say the presidential race is not the main concern. >> it's really like on the back burner. i don't know what we're doing as far as voting. my school was at the block. i don't quite know yet. >> reporter: others say that voting is a top priority. >> you know with a week in advance, the same people were planning for whatever. they also should have been planning an alternative voting procedure
in new york city in 1979 while walking to his bus stop and his body was never found. hernandez's attorney said his client is schizophrenic and prone to hallucinations. the next court date is next month where he will enter a plea. >>> we know the identity of a man who wrongfully accused elmo's puppeteer of sexually abusing him as a teenager. he's 24 years old, an aspiring model. earlier this week, stevens recanted the story and said that he and elmo's puppeteer, kevin clash, had a consensual relationship. the website, the smoking gun, reports that stevens was in trouble before. he was reportedly arrested in 2009 and accused of receiving stolen goods. the case was dismissed. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >> >>> emotionally, it's devastating to learn that you had anything to do with it. >> off of the top tonight on the news edge, a fox 5 exclusive. tribble was convicted of murder over 30 years ago. his hair found at the scene of the crime, a key piece of evidence. dna testing later found that hair didn't belong to him. his convict was overturned but to this day, he yearns for real
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7